Predictions of the strongest psychics for 2019

Due to the difficult situation in the world and the uncertainty of experts about the future, more and more people are beginning to be interested in the prophecies of famous psychics.

Not surprising, because many of them managed to predict large-scale events that no one could have predicted. 2019 was described in the prophecies of both modern psychics and those who lived a long time ago.

This suggests one thing: the coming year will be difficult and at the same time significant in the entire history of the world. Let’s take a look at the predictions of the most famous psychics regarding this period.

Vanga’s predictions for 2019

Vanga has long established herself as a psychic with incredible powers of providence. In her forecasts, she quite often touched the modern decade.

It is during these years that the fate of mankind must be decided. Perhaps the crisis that has befallen our world now is the starting point for great changes in the future.

After passing through this most difficult stage, the situation should even out. We will get a fundamentally new structure of the whole society, in which everyone will have the opportunity to live in peace and prosperity.

The collapse of outdated political systems is expected and the emergence of new ones, with the help of which an ideal society will be built.

2019 will be one of the decisive years in the current crisis. It is likely that the events that will take place at this time will be the basis for fundamental changes throughout the world.

In particular, Vanga predicted some shocks in the year of the Yellow Pig. This may mean that the crisis situation will reach its climax, and then begin to level off.

Vanga’s predictions indicate that there is a high risk of various cataclysms. According to her, this should be regarded as a negative reaction of the planet to the actions of mankind.

Nostradamus forecast for 2019

Michel Nostradamus prophesies a rather difficult and dangerous future for humanity. Based on his predictions, serious problems on a global scale are about to begin. Their beginning should be the birth of a child with an incredibly disgusting appearance.

After that, you should prepare for war – hundreds of thousands will die due to the conflict in the East of the planet. Starting with the Jews, the bloody war will affect everyone.

Researchers interpret this prediction of Nostradamus as a prediction of the beginning of the Third World War. In its course, chemical weapons can be used, which can destroy a third of the entire population of the Earth.

Nostradamus also warns of large-scale cataclysms all over the planet. The United States will be subject to the strongest hurricane, which will pass throughout the state. Russia will suffer from forest fires: it will take months to fight them.

Predictions of the strongest psychics for 2019

Europe will be flooded with heavy rains that will trigger flooding. The flood will be of such force that it will bury several states under itself and destroy a huge number of people.

Michel Nostradamus also noted that it is likely that the beginning of the development of the ocean floor for life in 2019. Subsequently, entire cities will be built at the bottom. In light of the predictions of impending cataclysms, this may be the only shelter.

Predictions of other psychics

Soothsayer Juna gave a fairly positive forecast for 2019. The number of cataclysms will not increase. Russia will be able to fully recover from the economic crisis and move on to prosperity.

Predictions of the strongest psychics for 2019

The prophecies of Vera Lyon are extremely negative. First, the number of cataclysms and the danger of global warming will increase many times over. Secondly, humanity may face new diseases. Massive attacks and murders will take place. Japan and the Philippines are at risk of being flooded.

Casey predicts major changes in the global climate. Due to the unpreparedness of mankind for such processes, numerous catastrophes will follow, which will be very difficult to overcome.

What awaits Russia in 2019?

The researchers found that Nostradamus sees Russia in 2019 as a state that will resolve world conflicts.

It is thanks to Russia that the fate of many large states will be decided. The prophet also points to the underestimation of Siberia by contemporaries: according to him, this region will become central to the whole world.

Predictions of the strongest psychics for 2019

According to Vanga, Russia should expect the role of a country that will shelter refugees from all over the world. But people will not be saved from political repression. The ongoing catastrophes will cause the destruction of most of the land on the planet.

As a result, they become uninhabitable. The survivors will go to look for new housing in the vastness of Russia. Vanga also prophesied a new leader of the country, who would appear in 2019. With him, citizens can safely expect prosperity and well-being.

The predictions of the Matrona of Moscow are not at all rosy. For 2019, she predicts the actual impoverishment of the inhabitants of Russia. Such an outcome is quite likely, when the townspeople will abandon their homes and go to live in villages, where they will be able to feed themselves.

Predictions of the strongest psychics for 2019

The prophet Abel is famous for his truthful predictions for Russia: he predicted the death of tsars, the 1917 revolution and Soviet repressions. He died about two centuries ago, but left predictions for our time.

His prophecy for 2019 partially coincides with Vanga’s forecast – Abel believed that this year the country would receive a strong leader who would lead the state to prosperity.

Psychics do not agree on what awaits the world community and Russia in particular in 2019. Many people predicted serious cataclysms, but still there is no unity even in this matter.

It is clear from the prophecies that a difficult year awaits us, but it is hardly worth preparing for the worst, because none of the psychics can give a 100% guarantee regarding their forecast.

Forecasts about the future of Russia are also radically different. All that remains for us is to believe in the best and do everything to ensure that it comes as soon as possible.

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