Terrible predictions about what humanity expects from Indian shamans

Previously, before colonization, Indian tribes lived on the American continent. But after the discovery of America by Columbus, these tribes became less and less every year. Entire tribes have disappeared. Today there are less than 2,000 Indians.

But despite the fact that they have become so few, they live like their ancestors. They observe all their ancient traditions, love their culture, protect nature and live in harmony with it.

In ancient times, all tribes worshiped their gods, and it was thanks to them that the Indians could foresee the future. Today there are also descendants of those Indians who have preserved the ancestor cult.

The most famous Native American shaman is John Running. He became famous after accurately predicting the events of the 20th century.

Among which:

  • the fate of Adolf Hitler;
  • the time of the fall of the 3rd Reich;
  • landing on the moon of the Americans;
  • the fate of J. Kennedy.

But there are also bad predictions that did not come true, and it would be better if they never came true:

  • the fall of a huge meteorite that will destroy the earth;
  • brutal Asian war between China and Japan.

Another equally popular Indian, Wallace Black Elk, made his prediction in the mid-80s. the last century. He said: “The earth will tremble, and people will turn to gods that they will not hear.” There is no specifics here, but it is obvious that there will be a serious catastrophe on our planet, and perhaps this is due to the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano.

These are not rosy predictions made by the Indians. Most likely they feel the natural disasters that are coming to Earth. Since they live in harmony with nature, and nature treats them with love.

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