Predictions of the Monk Nil the Myrrh-streaming about the end times

The ominous predictions of the Athos saint are beginning to come true now. What to do to stop the global evil? How to save humanity from death? Is there something bright in the future, or will darkness and gloom await us?

Nil the Myrrh-streaming became revered by Christians after he bestowed a healing liquid, myrrh, on the suffering. But he is even more famous for his miraculous appearance to the Athos monk Theophanes two centuries after his death. Why did he come to the monk? And what did you want to tell people?

Life of Saint Nile

In the distant sixteenth century, the future Athonite hermit Nil the Myrrh-streaming was born into the family of Orthodox Greeks. His parents passed away early, so the boy was taken up by his uncle, the priest father Macarius.

Neil was different from other people, there was something special about him. From an early age, he led an ascetic life, was content with little. Having reached adulthood, the young ascetic firmly decided to take monastic tonsure and devote himself to serving God.

Together with his uncle, Nil went to Mount Athos. They settled on the Holy Stones – this is a remote and inaccessible area for people, where no one could disturb the prayer feat of the hermits.

Predictions of the Monk Nil the Myrrh-streaming about the end times

Nil and Macarius with their own hands carved a small temple into the rock, where they prayed, and tiny cells where they themselves slept. Soon Macarius died, and the Nile decided to leave for even more uninhabited and impregnable places for all living things. He lived in a rocky cave, building a temple there. He prayed for all mankind, communicated with the Lord, created several works on asceticism and wrote down his prophecies about the future.

Died in his cave. And after a while, other hermit monks noticed that myrrh was flowing from the rock – a healing liquid emanating from the relics of St. Nile. The miraculous myrrh became known outside of Mount Athos. Thousands of pilgrims from different countries began to come for healing, so the name of the Myrrh-streaming Nile is revered throughout the Christian world.

For this precious gift that Neil left to people, he was canonized – ranked among the saints.

Posthumous broadcasts

The Nile became famous not only for its healing myrrh. In the nineteenth century, he began to appear to the monk Theophan. For six years, Saint Nil spoke about the future, and Theophanes carefully wrote down all the words of the saint. These prophecies have been recognized by the Church and published.

Unlike many predictors, St. Nil spoke about future events clearly and clearly, without allegories and allegories. And even now they continue to come true, which only proves their veracity and the closeness of the Nile to God.

Satan rules the world

Predictions of the Monk Nil the Myrrh-streaming about the end times

The end times will come very soon. For the sins of people, the Lord will send illnesses, natural disasters, wars, disasters and misfortunes on them. And the more troubles there are, the angrier people will become. Instead of sincerely repenting, they will only become angry with God and lose all faith in him.

Forget about the spiritual. They will only care about material well-being, and “the love of money is the forerunner of the Antichrist.”

A person will direct all his thoughts and aspirations to the satisfaction of carnal needs. He will no longer be interested in the salvation of the soul and eternal life after death. He will live in the present, and will not be afraid of condemnation.

If you think about these words, you can say that the prophecy is already coming true. People stop believing in the Lord, they are only interested in money. And this is a sign of the imminent appearance of the Antichrist.

Nil the Myrrh-streaming warned:

“The Antichrist will be born from an evil harlot without any male seed when he impoverishes the world with virtues.”

Now even at school they are talking about artificial insemination, so there is nothing surprising in the words of the saint.

And the world has long been “impoverished in virtues.” Same-sex love, corrupt relationships, adultery flourishes. People have forgotten the commandments of Christ.

“When the time approaches the coming of the Antichrist, the minds of people will be darkened from the passions of the flesh, and ungodliness and lawlessness will increase more and more. The world will become unrecognizable, the appearance of people will change and it will not be possible to clearly distinguish men from women, thanks to shamelessness in clothing and the shape of the hair of the head. Love will disappear. Christian shepherds will become conceited husbands, completely unable to distinguish between right and left. Then the manners and traditions of the Church will change. Modesty and chastity will disappear, and fornication and licentiousness will reign.

When the values ​​of the Antichrist become close to most people, truly terrible times will come.

“A terrible famine will come, gold will depreciate like dung and people, like birds of prey, will devour the bodies of the dead.”

Will Orthodoxy save the world?

Predictions of the Monk Nil the Myrrh-streaming about the end times

So far, this ominous prophecy has not come true, but everything goes to the fact that such times will come. If people do not come to their senses, then everything that Nil the Myrrh-streaming spoke about can happen.

The Antichrist will not be able to take over the whole world as long as our faith in the Lord is strong. It is in Russia that the strongest faith is, which is why its enemies want to destroy our country so much. There is a spark of God in each of us. And if we do good deeds, increase goodness, love those around us, raise children in faith, then we will be able to save the world, cleanse it of filth.

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