Prophecy about Russia by Joshua Mills

Joshua Mills is a preacher, musician, and author. He is a 5th generation Pentecostal . This is a special religious trend, it is also called a sect.

Appeared in the United States in the twentieth century. They stand in opposition to the Orthodox Church and are considered to have nothing to do with Christianity. But, nevertheless, he is very popular in his homeland. To understand his prophecy, you need to know some of the features of their religion. For example, they believe that if a person has received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, he can speak different languages ​​and is given the gift of healing and prophecy.

So, the prophecy itself. In 2018, he was in the city of Albuquerque. His plane was late then, he had only 15 minutes left. to prepare for service. And, according to him, as soon as he entered the hotel room, the Holy Spirit fell on him and he began to pray in tongues. This went on for some time, he could not stop. After some time, Joshua realized that it was Russian, but he admitted that he did not know Russian.

After that, he turned on Google translator and began to pray in a language unknown to him. The translator began to translate for him from English into Russian. Still doubtful, he sent this text to Marina. She listened and said that it was really Russian and sang this text.

This event alarmed Mills. He thought about it for several months. And I realized that God was trying to direct him to the Russian-speaking population.

Here is what God said to this prophet:

“It is His plan to kindle the fire of awakening like never before. The movement of the Holy Spirit, which will descend in power and glory on the Russian-speaking population of the entire Earth. It will be a wave and a wave that will turn into another wave. In this movement of God there will be simply an unprecedented harvest! There will be so many souls saved, destinies changed, people healed! This will be part of what Jesus was talking about when He talked about great things. The great movement of God that He wants to bring (release) to the Russian-speaking population of the earth. I believe this move of God is very near.”

He also predicted that a new time had begun, a time of rebirth (this was in January 2019):

“This season, this year we are entering, is a birthday. Birth season. The season you are in right now is the season of birth. This is the season for the things that are placed in you by God to be born. Some of you have been carrying these things for a month or a year, and some of you for several decades.”

It is hard to believe that these revelations are really from God. But still they say a lot. Probably, our people, who had and still have the teachings of the holy fathers, a thinking people, among whom Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, etc. grew up, can really resist such sects as the Pentecostals for the time being.

Perhaps those who are in them really hear the prophecies, but they are unlikely to come from God. And this particular prophecy shows that we have not yet “lit the fire of revival”, it is yet to come, and may never happen, which is not so bad, considering who could say it. Or you can take it as a real prophecy, but in this case it promises only a brighter future.

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