The prophecy of a grandmother from India. I live wrong

I wanted to share with you one funny story that happened to me in Moscow. About the prediction of a grandmother from India in my account.

Is everyone ready? We begin!

I’ll start by saying that on an ordinary Saturday afternoon, after my business, I was walking with a friend. We walked along Nikolskaya street, where there are always a lot of tourists. They often try to sell something for tourists. But I can see that I’m not a tourist!

We decided to sit on a bench and just calmly talk, as a grandmother approached with a piercing look. I knew right away that she was from India because I had been there.

But why did she come to me?

I was at a loss. She looked like an ordinary grandmother, but her eyes were like those of shamans in the settlements. It wasn’t there, her grandson ran up, 10-15 years old. It was clear from him that he was from Moscow.

The prophecy of a grandmother from India. I live wrong

The same Nikolskaya street.

I immediately realized that the grandmother also speaks Russian:

– Hello? I asked

– Hi! – answered the grandmother with a terrible accent

– Do you want to say something?

– Yes, you live wrong! – the grandmother answered very sharply

-In terms of?

– Do you have a favorite? – I was very surprised by this question, but for some reason I answered

– Not

– Do you often see your parents?

– Once a year…

– You can’t sit in one place, you don’t have a loved one, you don’t see your parents! A man must have a home! And you don’t have it!


– Soon you will understand how to live!

I did not understand anything at that moment, because she knew from somewhere that I was on the road all the time. I was shocked. And he couldn’t say anything. You haven’t seen my friend’s eyes yet!

Is she right? I can not tell.

I’m young. And she lived her whole life. So I can’t disagree, but I can’t agree either. To be honest, I wouldn’t believe this story myself. But it happened to me.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation?

Have you met those who prophesied the future for you?

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