Witch prediction for 2020-2024

What are the moods of people now? Someone in a panic buys everything that can be carried away from stores, and someone still does not believe that everything is serious and for a long time, those who laugh at the situation on the Internet are especially amused. How do I see this situation? What lies ahead? What to prepare for? Who to protect?

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If it seems to you that now it’s tin, then, believe me, this is not tin. Everything is ahead. And I don’t want to scare you. I want you to finally wake up and stop being so careless about yourself, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

I am writing the article on 03/29/2020 and look what is happening now.

You will be poked with the same nose in June-July and November 2020. People will be returned time after time to those problems and holes that are not closed now. All your jambs and shortcomings will come out and will definitely remind you of yourself.

Witch prediction for 2020-2024

And you don’t have to be a witch to understand that the weaker one collapses first.

If you, then this had problems with money, then it will get worse. If you had any problems in marriage, relationships, then the likelihood is that they will not withstand being in the environment that is now happening in the world, alas. Everything weak will begin to crumble. And your task now is to strengthen your position, if you didn’t have the mind to do it earlier.

2020 is a very light year compared to what lies ahead in 2021.

That’s where the real tin will be. Because compared to what will happen in 2021 now, this is so, a common routine. Everything will collapse when you do not expect it and it hurts a lot. Want to? Not? Do something right now. Instead of sacrificing yourself and loved ones, going out into the street as if nothing had happened. Your carelessness will come to you sideways and well, if only you.

Witch prediction for 2020-2024

If 2020 is preparation, buildup, if 2021 is all tin, then if you don’t get together now, then in 2024 you will find yourself in a swamp from which you can’t get out . You will flounder, flounder, flounder, and you will be pulled down more and more. Want to? Not? Take care of your mind now. Pull up all resources, all reserves, protect everything that is at risk (income, health, loved ones, etc.).

The time to have fun and convince yourself that this will end quickly is over. Now is the time to act, the time to accumulate all resources. Well, if you are lucky and you will not be affected, but no one can give you these guarantees. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for what will not happen than not to be prepared for what happens.

Don’t be stupid people!

We live in very interesting and scary times. Hoping for a chance is not the best solution.

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