Vanga’s new predictions announced: salvation from coronavirus will come from Russia

The famous Bulgarian fortune-teller has long been dead, but her prophecies still excite the imagination of millions of people. Several of them were voiced in the program “Actually” on Channel One.

The grandson of Vanga’s personal biographer said that there is a book of her prophecies, among which there are those related to 2020.

The soothsayer assured that the virus that had engulfed humanity would be defeated. The medicine will be created from the cones of the Siberian cedar. The new drug will boost human immunity and make the body more resistant to viruses. She also assured that the epidemic would unite humanity, the borders between the rich and the poor would disappear, the borders of states would be erased. Everyone will be equal before the terrible threat of infection.

However, after the victory over the virus, according to Vanga, a terrible famine will begin.

“I can’t be sure what kind of hunger – food, cultural or financial,” admitted Vladislav Safin, the cousin of the soothsayer’s personal biographer. “But we will unite in this hunger if we share with each other.

Vanga's new predictions announced: salvation from coronavirus will come from Russia
The grandson of the biographer Vanga Vladislav Safin in the program “Actually” / Channel One / screenshot from Youtube 

The host of the program, Timur Eremeev, did not believe Safin’s words, but found out a lot more details about Vanga’s prophecies.

It turned out that Vanga did not predict the death of all mankind, she only said that this terrible disaster (presumably coronavirus) would affect approximately 100 million people. But not all of them will die. Vanga predicted: salvation from the epidemic would most likely come from Russia.

Vanga also, as Safin said on Channel One, advised the Russian president to hold on to the poor and make their lives better. Like, they won’t let you down.

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