Little-known predictions of an African prophet about the approaching third world war

Often during crises and problems, people turn to psychics and prophets to find out the future and find answers.

When we say “World War III” we mean the worst possibility of nuclear war. It threatens a huge catastrophe for all mankind, which is capable of destroying everything that has been built and created over the past centuries.

It is worth paying attention to the predictions of Adriaan Snyman, who was especially careful to look for questions about the possibility of a Third World War. Even more than 20 years ago, back in 1997, he wrote the book “Die laaste loopgraaf”. She summarized the predictions of many African clairvoyants. A special place in it is given to the prophet Siener van Rensburg, who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

No wonder Sniman singled out this particular psychic. Rensburg made many unexpected predictions that have definitely come true and are coming true. For example, he predicted the assassination of General Koos de la Rey during the Second Boer War. He also foresaw the First World War and the subsequent confrontation between the world and fascism. However, everything is complicated by the fact that Rensburg himself could not fully understand most of the predictions, since they came to him in dreams and visions.

Zener van Rensburg even predicted the collapse of the New York skyscraper twins. Adrian Snyman, after analyzing his dreams, wrote the following in his book: “In the summer, skyscrapers will collapse in the blink of an eye and this will be the beginning of the end – World War III.” And everything will begin, according to him, with the conflict in the Middle East.

Russia will enter into an alliance with China and together they will oppose Western Europe and the United States. Russia will establish its power, but will be stopped with the help of a superweapon.

However, according to the predictions of an African psychic, the Third World War is still far away. Many events must take place before this. But the US military is on the alert and the issue of confrontation between Russia and the United States is still open.

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