Casey’s predictions about cataclysms in Russia, America, Europe and other countries

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) American clairvoyant and healer. During his life, Cayce made 26,000 predictions on a variety of topics. Edgar Cayce’s predictions come true one after another.

About tectonic cataclysm, America

“The following changes in the physical appearance of the planet will take place: the territory of the western part of America will be split; most of Japan will go under water; in the twinkling of an eye the northern part of Europe will change; land will appear off the east coast of America.

In the Arctic and Antarctic there will be shifts in the earth’s crust, which will lead to the eruption of volcanoes in the tropical zone. Then a shift in the position of the poles will follow, and as a result, polar or subtropical zones can become tropics … “

Question: “When will changes in terrestrial activity become apparent?”

Answer: “As soon as the first cataclysm occurs in the South Sea (South Pacific Ocean) and subsidence and uplift of land begin to be observed in almost the diametrically opposite part of the globe, in the Mediterranean, in the region of Etna, this will be the beginning.”

Question: Will there be any land changes in North America? If so, which regions will be affected and how?

Answer: “We find that the whole country will undergo changes to a greater or lesser extent. The greatest changes in America, in our opinion, will occur in the north of the Atlantic coast. Be on the lookout in New York!”

“Geographical conditions in this country and around the world will gradually change. Many areas on both the east and west coasts will be destroyed, as well as the central part of the United States.

In the coming years, new lands will appear in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and many coastal areas will become the bottom of the ocean. Even many modern (1941) battlefields will be covered by the waters of the oceans, seas and bays; new lands will arise with a new world order and with a new course of events.

Many areas of the East Coast near present-day New York will disappear, or even much of New York itself. However, this is for future generations. Much earlier, the southern parts of the states of Carolina and Georgia will cease to exist.

The waters of the lakes (Great Lakes) are more likely to flow into the gulf (Gulf of Mexico) rather than into the waters (Gulf of St. Lawrence), as was discussed recently. The area (Virginia Beach) will be among the safe areas, as will areas in the modern states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, as well as much of southern and eastern Canada. At the same time, a large part of the western lands will undergo destruction, which, of course, will also occur in other countries.

“Faults in the earth’s crust will occur in many places. In the beginning – on the west coast of America; after the northern part of Greenland will go under water; new lands will appear in the Caribbean. From destructive earthquakes the whole territory of South America will tremble up to Tierra del Fuego, where a new land and a new strait are being formed.

Later, the seer spoke in more detail about the consequences of the tectonic cataclysm in North America: “Look at New York, Connecticut and the like. Many areas on the East Coast will shake, as will the central US.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of these cities will be destroyed even before New York.

The East Coast areas near New York, and possibly New York itself, will practically disappear from the face of the earth. Here, however, another generation will live; as for the southern parts of Carolina, Georgia, they will disappear. And it will happen sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will merge into the Gulf of Mexico.”

“I believe in the free will of man and do not believe that the future is completely inevitable. There are many people who have been warned, for example in a dream, of impending misfortunes, and they, having taken precautions, managed to avoid them. The classic example of this is given in the Bible. The Book of the Prophet Jonah tells that the whole repentant city was saved from the wrath of God. If a person as a person and as a citizen realizes his true nature and his connection with God, he can avoid repeating past mistakes.

To avoid death from starvation, Edgar Cayce advised people to leave the cities and live in the countryside. He constantly stressed the need to return to the land, “because it is about a need that has not yet come to this country, about supplies and demand for products. Edgar Cayce said that the one who has the opportunity to buy a farm is lucky: “Buy it if you do not want to be left hungry”; “Take care of the earth, it will help you in difficult years.” Warning of a food crisis, he said: “Saskatchewan, the pampas of Argentina … part of South America … these rich lands and parts of Montana and Nevada will feed the world.”

Immediately before this catastrophe, as the seer predicted, the volcanoes Vesuvius and Pele, on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean, should resume their activity. The number of earthquakes on the planet will increase. In three months we should expect super-powerful cataclysms and floods caused by earthquakes. As the American prophet said, if it seems to you that something is moving and rumbling in the bowels of the Earth, then this has begun to shift the inner core of the Earth. According to Casey, the earth’s axis began to “slip out of its gravitational engagement” as early as 1936.

With terrible natural disasters, the territory of Russia, as predicted by Edgar Cayce, will suffer less than other countries. The huge continental plate on which Russia is located will remain almost untouched. The region from the Urals to Lake Baikal will become a modern analogue of Noah’s Ark.

About Russia

“Changes are already being planned, and this will surely be an evolution or revolution of the ideas of spiritual thinking. And an example to the world will eventually come from Russia; But no, this is not communism! But, most likely, basically the same as the teachings of Christ – his version of communism …

With the revival of faith in Russia, the world will have great hopes. Then one country or a group of countries that are most closely related to it can benefit from the changes that are taking place and the establishment of the final order, understanding how the world should be governed.

“A new awareness of what is happening will come to Russia, and it will come to people who are worried … until there is freedom of speech, the right to profess religion in accordance with the dictates of conscience, until then the human soul will seethe” (Edgar Cayce 1938).

“The mission of the Slavic peoples,” said Casey, “is to change the essence of human relationships, to free them from selfishness and gross material passions, to restore them on a new basis – on love, trust and wisdom.”

“… What can be said about nations? The world associates its hope with Russia, but not with what is sometimes called communism or Bolshevism, no, it is associated with freedom. With the hope that each person will live in love with his neighbor! The principle has already been born. It will take years for it to crystallize, but from Russia comes hope for the whole world.”

“… it is Russia that will lead the revived civilization of the Earth, and Siberia will be the center of this revival of the whole world. Through Russia, the hope of a lasting and just peace will come to the rest of the world… The new Leader of Russia will be unknown to anyone for many years, but one day he will suddenly come into power… Subsequently, he will become the Ruler of the World, will become the Law that brings light and prosperity to everything that exists on the planet… He has , his descendants, his associates, there will be no shortage of anything – neither clean fresh water, nor food, nor clothes, nor energy, nor weapons, for the reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism… God will be with him…

He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization all over the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the south of Siberia … “” … The hope of the world, its revival will come from Russia, and will have no connection with what today is called communism. It is in Russia that a true and great source of freedom will arise … It will be a completely different way of existence, based on a principle that will become the basis of a new philosophy.” He saw Western Siberia as the center of the resurgent civilization, which should become a kind of Noah’s Ark. “Yes, clean energy is already being accumulated in Western Siberia,” Casey said. – It will protect this land from the destructive action of natural and energy disasters.

Predictions about the future

“What is the spirit of America? Most of its citizens proudly boast of “freedom.” Freedom of what? If you bind people’s hearts and souls in all sorts of ways, is this the representation of freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Freedom from what? Until these principles are truly applied… one cannot feel free…

Yes, of course, America can boast of this, but more often this principle (of freedom) is forgotten … and that is the sin of America.

Edgar Cayce spoke of America’s future troubles thus: “Although there will be periods of great upheaval, when brother will rebel against brother, group, sect or race will rebel against race – still there must be a balance.” He also warned of a major upheaval in America, urging “those at the pinnacle of power to use their means, money, education, and position” to consider those less privileged in society: “As for these people, in eventually, there will be a revolution in this country – and one area will rise against another. For it is a question of equality and of the ways that people resort to when there is abundance in some areas and a lack of livelihood in others.

The same applies to England, from where these ideas came – not ideals – ideas, at least slightly, but superior to others. You have to grow to the point where you deserve to be recognized, to earn the right to get something. This was and is the fall of England.

As for France, which was first attracted by this principle (to be above others), here it will turn into a means to satisfy its desires. This is the sin of France.

In this state, which was originally called Rome … what led it to collapse? The same as Babylon. Schism, slavery and such a direction of activity with which only a few could agree and proclaim themselves the personification of the Higher Forces. It seemed to these people that they were acting for the sake of a person, but it ended in death. This is the sin of Italy.

What is China’s sin? In a calmness that cannot be disturbed, the desire to maintain one’s potential growth all the time. Through the centuries there has been a slow strengthening of this country, wanting to be left alone and allowed to be satisfied with what it has.

The same is true in India – the cradle of knowledge that has not found application anywhere except in itself. What is the sin of India? In herself, in her selfish interests!

About Antichrist

In his predictions, Edgar Cayce spoke of the appearance of the Antichrist in America: “When many islands and many lands will be subject to those who are not afraid of either man or the devil; who unites with his own kind, and this force will be great and mighty, and there will be a superman who will become an ideal for that generation, then your own land will see seas of blood, as in those periods when brother fought against brother.

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