Predictions of St. Paisius the Holy Mountaineer for 2020

Currently, there are many events that may well plunge the whole world into chaos. Against this background, modern man would like to know what the world expects in the future. Therefore, people pay attention to the predictions of oracles that lived several centuries ago.

Of course, most often humanity cannot immediately understand the meaning of the messages that remained from the prophets. But after some certain events take place, a lot falls into place.

Recently, more and more visionaries have appeared, and they do not inspire confidence in many. Much more authoritative seem to be the predictions of the seers of the past, one of whom is Paisius the Holy Mountaineer.

Paisius was born at the beginning of the 20th century in Cappadocia, but after the family of the young monk had to change their place of residence.

Saint Paisius is one of the most revered saints. He also became famous for his gift of a seer.

Throughout his life, the monk tried to do only good deeds, helped monasteries, worked on the Sinai Peninsula.

Which of the monk’s predictions turned out to be true?

Paisius Svyatogorets once predicted the collapse of the USSR. His prophecy about the events in Chernobyl also came true. It is this episode in history that the saint will call a warning from above.

What awaits the world and Russia in 2020?

At the end of his life, Paisius said that after 25 years there would be a conflict. In it, Russia and China will jointly confront the countries that are part of the NATO alliance.

He also predicted that Turkey would disappear and Byzantium would rise in its place.

Turkey will provoke a serious conflict in the Mediterranean that will affect Greece. As a result, Russian troops will take the side of the Greeks. Turkey will be defeated, and the whole territory will again pass to Greece. All these events will initiate the revival of the city of Constantinople.

You can see that in the predictions of Paisius, Russia occupies one of the first places, and this cannot but be alarming. It remains only to hope that it will not come true, like the prophecies of other predictors. Indeed, at present, the world is trying to regulate all problems with the help of diplomacy.

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